Impacting Organizational Culture and Community Change

Inspired Policing Solutions LLC provides consulting and training services for communities and police agencies across the United States.

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    Rick Morrison

    About Rick Morrison

    Rick began his career in public service in 1989 as a Corrections Deputy for Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. In 1994, he served as a Law Enforcement Officer for Kenneth City Police Department in Florida. Rick continued his career in Law Enforcement and joined the Roanoke Police Department in 1996. During his 22-year tenure at the Roanoke Police Department, Rick assumed many roles and responsibilities to include becoming a General Instructor for the Department of Criminal Justice Services in 1999, providing professional instruction to police departments, and community groups throughout the country.
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    Relationships and Trust

    Producing impact and meaningful change in any community can only be built on a solid foundation of trust and mutual respect. The culture inside your organization will ultimately impact that of the surrounding community.

    • Productivity

    • Performance

    • Liability Exposure

    • Transparency and Openness

    • Community Engagement

    Cost of Culture Book Cover


    Cultural Change

    Adding more policies, procedures, and programs will not change your policing culture or add trust back into your community. Policing culture change demands bold leadership and a strategic and transparent approach.

    • Do you trust your employees?

    • Do your employees trust their leadership?

    • How well do your citizens trust you?


    Leadership Princples

    With a culture of mistrust between communities and police or with leaders and employees, how does one bring people back together to break down barriers, prejudices, and to solve problems? In Rick’s book, “What If” you can learn:

    • How to build a unified vision
    • How to create passion for your people
    • How to maintain and sustain engagement
    • How to ensure a project’s success
    What If Book Cover - Splashing object with book title and author details.
    Change is Possible Book Cover


    is Possible

    This book was written specifically for those desiring impactful change and meaningful reform both for the police and the community. In today’s politically charged environment, it is easy to become distracted by the noise of inefficiency and the failings of empty promises. There are 4 principles that are required for change that Rick unpacks in this book:

    • A Desire to Change
    • Building a Unified Vision
    • Empowering a Community
    • Measure what Matters

    Training Topics

    Rick has had the privilege to teach many police agencies across the country. Please click one of the topics below to read the course description and topics:


    Moving up to Supervision

    Tactical Crime Control

    Hot-Spot and Crime Mapping

    Emotional Survival

    Recruitment and Retention

    Training Resources

    Rick Morrison, owner of Inspired Policing Solutions creates training resources, books, and leadership guides that can be used in various settings.




    • 1×1, Small Groups, or Large Organizations

    • Hands on Instruction is Available

    • Rich Training Resources

    • Print or Digital Copies are Available

    • Adaptable Course Content

    • Interactive and Engaging



    • Best for Individual or Group Study

    • Real Life Examples and Guidance

    • Rich Content with Colorful Guides

    • Print or Digital Copies Available

    • Adaptable Content Used in Trainings

    • Interactive Content

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