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Tactical Crime Control and Community Engagement

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A pathway to effective violent crime reduction and customer-centric policing

Course Description

As a policing professional do you find yourself frustrated with today’s negative national narrative on policing? Do you find yourself becoming burned-out due to shortages in staffing while calls for services keep increasing? Are you discouraged that your community expects the police to fix all of their problems? This highly interactive course was specifically designed for you.

For many in the policing profession, Community Policing has become just another buzz word or catchy phrase highlighted on your department’s website. Effective Community Policing is not about having more community cookouts and holding more mundane community meetings. Community Policing is an organizational crime reduction philosophy focused on Customer-Centric-Policing strategies to reduce crime and to enhance customer engagement and accountability in the problem-solving process.

This course is designed to:

  • Provide evidence-based policing strategies to effectively identify and reduce violent crime.
  • Transition away from a number driven and stat focused organization to measuring what matters.
  • Stop chasing calls for service
  • Proved a clear and defined pathway to move your organization from reactive policing to a strategic focus on proactive, preventive, and predictive model of policing
  • Build better customer engagement and customer accountability in your problem-solving process
  • Identify barriers within a police organization that can impact trust, effective communication, productivity, and motivation between police and their customers
  •  Sustainable strategies to improve police-customer relationships

At the completion of this course, the participant will have gained a deeper understanding and appreciation of Community Policing from an organizational perspective, the value of Customer-Centric-Policing, incorporating effective crime reduction strategies into daily patrol and investigative functions, and discovering how procedural justice and police legitimacy can impact the police-customer relationship.

Course Topics

  • What is Community Policing, moving beyond community cookouts and community meetings
  • Expanding the (S.A.R.A.) model to transition to a more preventive and predictive model in crime control
  • Transitioning from an enforcement only focus to a more Customer-Centric Focus with an emphasis on sustainable crime control strategies and measurements
  • Leveraging existing internal resources for greater organizational efficiency and enhanced communication. (Breaking down departmental silos)
  • Maximizing external resources to expand police and customer capacity to solve short-and long-term issues within any community
  • Effective problem-solving strategies, and creative solutions to involve community stakeholders in the problem-solving process.
  • Enhancing patrol tactics for greater operational efficiency in manpower allocation, deployment, and crime control strategies
  • A deep analysis on recent cases involving improper use of force and its implications to customer trust, accountability, and the police organization

Target Audience

For those desiring meaningful and sustainable change, addressing crime, and enhancing community trust.


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